Spring into Fitness | Week 1


Getting Started

Welcome to Spring Into Fitness!


This campaign is compliments of your AWP Employee Assistance Program.


Over the next 6 weeks we’ll help you Spring into better health through exercise!


This is the first of 6 weekly posts you’ll receive to help motivate you to get moving, exercise, inspire you to challenge your notion of fitness, and help you develop a routine that you can stick with.



First Things First!


  • Gradually ease into exercise if it has been a while since you’ve worked out.
  • Talk to your doctor prior to beginning exercise if you have a chronic condition are being treated for a medical issue or if you have a former injury.
  • Determine your fitness goals. Your reasons for exercising will help you figure out where to start.
  • Choose an activity you will enjoy doing. This is critical for follow-through. If you don’t enjoy the workout, you may be less motivated to do it.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate gear for your exercise of choice. The correct shoes, clothes and other necessary gear can ensure a safe workout.
  • Develop an exercise schedule. Create a set plan by identifying what days, times and for how long you plan to exercise.
  • Get to it! Once you’re prepared, it’s time to begin!



Exercise Ideas


Not sure what you’d like to do for exercise?  A well-rounded exercise routine consists of:


Cardio:  Walking, jogging, swimming and dancing are all great examples.


Strength:  Body weight exercises like push-ups, squats and lunges, free weights or weight machines at the gym will all give you a good strength workout.


Flexibility:  Stretching, yoga and Pilates are examples of flexibility exercises.


Neuromotor:  This type of exercise helps you develop coordination and balance. Tai chi and yoga are common neuromotor exercises.


source: HealthAdvocate


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