Spring into Fitness | Week 5

GotFit2016-Week5imageAlmost Done!


There is one week left in the Got Fitness campaign! We hope you’re enjoying your progress. This week we have a little challenge for you. If you’ve been performing the same exercise for the past 4 weeks, let’s switch it up!


This week you’ll learn how to change up your routine for greater results and get tips to maximize your workout!



Stay FITT!


Keep these tips in mind when looking to challenge your exercise routine.


Frequency – Alter how often you exercise each week. For example, switch from exercising 3 days to 4 days per week.


Intensity – Increase the intensity level of your exercise. For example, if you’re a walker, choose a different route that may have more inclines to increase the intensity of your walk. If you prefer to lift weights, add more weight to further strengthen your muscles.


Time – Add to the length of your workouts. Try increasing your exercise time by 10 minutes.


Type – Include a variety of exercises. After about 4 to 6 weeks of continuously performing the same exercise, your body becomes efficient at it and you may experience a fitness plateau.



Maximize Your Results

Use these strategies to continue to see results from your exercise.


Keep Moving. Avoid remaining sedentary. Even if you’re exercising, if you sit for too long during the day it can have negative consequences on your health.


Include all four requirements for well-rounded exercise. As you learned

in week 1, cardio, strength, flexibility and neuromotor exercises are necessary for a balanced exercise routine.


Let your heart rate be your guide. Your target heart rate can help you get the most health benefits from your exercise and can decrease your risk of overexertion.


Try interval training. It can maximize your current workout by varying intensity levels. For example, you can turn a run into an interval exercise by increasing your speed for 2 minutes, than resuming your normal pace for 3 minutes, and alternating this way until you complete your run.



source: HealthAdvocate


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