Spring into Fitness | Week 6

You’ve reached the finish line!


It is the last week of Got Fitness! We hope this campaign has helped you be more active and find a workout routine you enjoy.


This week you’ll learn why fitness is for life, plus get tips to help you stick with it long after this campaign is over.



Fitness is for Life


There are more reasons to exercise than weight loss! If you’re on the fence about doing your workout, remind yourself that exercise may improve your health by…


  • Reducing your risk for health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • Improving your outlook and increasing feelings of happiness and well-being
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Improving your quality of sleep
  • Boosting your brain power
  • The cumulative health benefits of exercise may add up to a longer life through improved physical, mental and emotional health



Stick with it!


Keep these ideas in mind to help you continue to exercise.


Always challenge yourself. When exercising becomes too easy or boring, it can lead to falling out of routine.


Keep it fun and fresh. Try new forms of exercise such as tai chi, yoga, circuit training, group fitness classes, dance classes and workout apps or DVDs.


Track your exercise. Use a journal, your Health Advocate website, or a fitness device or app to track your progress. Not only can it help with motivation, but it will also show you how far you have come!

Give back through exercise. Participate in charity events that use exercise as a form of fundraising such as walks, 5Ks, marathons or obstacle races.


Let your heart rate be your guide. Your target heart rate can help you get the most health benefits from your exercise and can decrease your risk of overexertion.


Try interval training. It can maximize your current workout by varying intensity levels. For example, you can turn a run into an interval exercise by increasing your speed for 2 minutes, than resuming your normal pace for 3 minutes, and alternating this way until you complete your run.



source: HealthAdvocate


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