Maintain – Don’t Gain | Week 4

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Eat Smart During the Holidays

Holiday meals and parties can challenge event the healthiest eater.


Take Action!

Have a healthy snack to avoid overeating before you go to your next holiday event.


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Try these tips to eat smart!


Eat a healthy meal before you go to the event to help you avoid filling up on unhealthy food—it is one of the most effective strategies.


Focus on the healthy options. Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables to avoid overeating unhealthier choices.


Bring a healthy dish. This way you’re guaranteed a healthy option.


Socialize. Spend more time chatting than eating.


Work the room. Rather than parking yourself in front 
of the food, move around or find a seat furthest from it.


Don’t try everything. Chances are you’ll be asked to taste or be offered servings of food that friends or family members made. Learn to politely say “no.”


Know your hunger cues. Listen to your body; know when you are comfortably satisfied rather than eating until you are uncomfortably full.


Avoid drinking your calories. Drinks can be high in calories and sugar; both contribute to weight gain. Also, alcoholic beverages can give you a false sense of hunger, causing you to eat more.



Take the focus off food


While most holidays center on meals, the true meaning and intention behind them is generally togetherness. Rather than filling up on food, indulge in conversation and spend quality time with your friends and family.


Make time to talk to everyone.


Play a game! It can be a great way to spend time together. Games like charades can get you moving, or organize a flag football game.


Take turns sharing what you’re thankful for.


Share favorite memories from previous holidays.



source: HealthAdvocate



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