Maintain – Don’t Gain | Week 7

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Give the Gift of Good Health

If you’re looking for a healthy gift, you may be interested in the ideas below.


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Foam roller–These extremely versatile pieces of equipment can be a part of your workout and recovery, can help you stretch, and even serve as a prop for yoga.


Water bottle – We know, this doesn’t exactly sound like an exciting gift, but it really can be! You can find bottles with filters, fruit diffusers, motivational sayings, and eye-catching colors and designs, all of which can help encourage drinking more water.


Spa gift card – A massage or facial can be just what a stressed friend or family member needs to relax.


Healthy restaurant gift cards – They may be working on their eating habits, but they can still enjoy a night out. Unsure of what restaurants are healthy? Check out the app Healthy Out to help you locate restaurants.


Pedometer or fitness device – These handy gadgets are great encouragement to get — and stay — active.


Gift your time – Do you have a family member with small children, demanding pets, or that could just use some time off? Offer to babysit or pet sit so they can take a break. If they could use some time out, offer to take your loved one out to lunch, dinner or the movies for a break and quality time.




Give healthy food – Bake healthy dishes, desserts and treats to give as gifts. For clever ideas, check out:


Purchase a subscription to a health, fitness, or nutrition magazine. This will provide tips and information to be healthy all year long!



Take Action!

While online shopping is convenient, get out and do some physical shopping to keep yourself moving. Get even more activity by:


Parking farther away from buildings

Take a lap around the mall or store before you shop

Use the stairs rather than the elevator

Do some reps with the shopping bags as you unload your car at home after going shopping

Make multiple trips when unloading the car to give your legs a little extra exercise.


source: HealthAdvocate



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