Maintain – Don’t Gain | Week 10

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Set Realistic Resolutions


Select your resolution wisely with the help of these tips!


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Choose something that really interests you. Avoid choosing cliché’ New Year’s goals. Think long and hard about what you would like to accomplish in 2017.


View your resolution as a long-term goal. Trying to achieve your resolution in a short amount of time can make it difficult to maintain when you reach it. Understand that it is going to take time to succeed in your resolution.


Think simple. Be sure your goal is relatively easy. Although you shouldn’t choose a resolution that is too easy, tackling too much, too quickly can result in failure.



Compare your resolution to last year’s. Use your resolution from last year as a chance to either learn from your successes or work through your shortcomings. Consider what you could do better and what you could change.


You may need longer than a year. Some goals may just take time. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it is not something attainable over the course of a year. Every step you take toward your resolution is a step in the right direction!



Take Action!

Determine what your New Year’s resolution(s) will be for 2017 and how you plan to keep it!


source: HealthAdvocate


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