Fun Fact Friday!

In Praise of Garage Sales


Yard Sale – Rummage Sale – Lawn Sale – Moving Sale – Junk Sale


Whatever you call it, Garage Sales are a common sight in every city and town across the U.S.


The History of Junk Sales

1500’s ~ Rummage Sales develop as ship captains sell excess and unclaimed cargo at ports.

1800’s ~ Rummage Sales move indoors as churches use them to raise money.

1940’s & 1950’s ~ Americans start moving to the suburbs, complete with garages and larger homes. The added space leads people to accumulate more belongings than they’d had during the depression and World War 2.

1970’s ~ Consumerism grows in the U.S. and Garage Sales become more common.

Today ~ The internet facilitates easier advertising for garage sales and junk goods.


Fun Facts

Saturday is the best day to have a garage sale.

7:00AM is the best time to start a garage sale.

On average, 95,000 garage sales are listed on Craig’s List each week.

The average price of a garage sale item is 85 cents.

690,000 is the average number of people who purchase something at a garage sale each week.

The “World’s Longest Yard Sale” is 690 miles, running along U.S. Route 127 from Michigan to Alabama. This sale is staged once a year.


Follow the Rules

In many cities and towns, garage and yard sales are free to stage.

Some communities charge for permits – always check the rules for your city before getting started so you avoid fines or other consequences.




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