Pet Holiday Hazards: Presents

Yes, it’s getting to be that time! It seems like it takes forever to shop for just the perfect gifts and wrap them beautifully. But it takes mere seconds to dash through every present under the tree on Christmas morning. And you’re left with a living room that looks like a wrapping paper tornado just passed through. In all the Christmas morning fun and craziness, who knows where Fido is or what Fluffy is trying to eat? We’re all focused on fun, family, and friends this holiday season, and we can’t forget the four-legged variety!


Here are seven tips to keep your pets out of harm’s way on Christmas morning:

Keep ribbon and tape away from your pets.

All that ribbon and tape that comes off with the wrapping paper looks like fun toys for cats! Batting around a ball of used tape can be fun for a cat, but you do need to keep an eye on them. We already talked about the dangers of eating ribbon, and tape falls right into that category. Make sure if your cat is playing with this type of material you are watching, and can jump in and take the tape or ribbon away if they start to chew on it.


Don’t let dogs eat wrapping paper.

Speaking of wrapping paper… some dogs think this makes a tasty snack! The crinkling sound can make wrapping paper a lot of fun to play in, and that’s okay… but as soon as you see the dog (or cat) start to chew the paper up and maybe start eating it, it’s time to take it away. If they eat too much, it can get stuck in their stomach or intestines and cause an obstruction. If the obstruction is bad enough, they may need emergency surgery. That’s no way to spend Christmas night!


Keep packaging away from pets.

New toys come in fun packages. And some of those packages and boxes are too much temptation for our furry family! Empty cardboard boxes are usually okay, but any playing with empty plastic packaging needs to be supervised. Pets can get legs or heads stuck in packages and can injure themselves. They may even get panicked and run around the house, hurting themselves more.


Keep packing material away from pets.

Balled up newspaper or bubble wrap can be a fun toy for a puppy or kitten, and just like wrapping paper it’s okay for now… but not if they start to eat it.


Keep plastic fasteners away from pets.

Many new toys or clothes come with twist-ties or those little plastic fasteners that hold parts together. These are big temptations for cats to play with – they just fly around so well when they bat at them! Just like everything else a little playing is fine, but snacking is not okay. Keep an eye on your pets with these types of fasteners. If they start to chew on or eat the plastic, take it away.


Keep a trash bag handy.

Make sure that any wrapping paper, ribbon, and packing materials go directly into the trash can instead of on the floor. Just make sure the pets don’t get into the trash!


Keep your pets in a different room. 

Just until the chaos calms down. Are you worried that you won’t be able to keep an eye on Fido and Fluffy in the Christmas morning extravaganza? Keep them in a different room, or put Fido in his crate for a little while. There will be plenty of time to play and spend time with your furry family later in the day. This is a great way to keep your pets out of the way and safe during the unwrapping excitement.


However you celebrate your holiday, be safe and have fun!



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