Total Body Strength, Balance and Stability Workout

This total body workout targets strength, balance, and stability by focusing on both traditional exercises and unilateral moves, which are often more difficult to complete.



Equipment Needed: Exercise ball, medicine ball, resistance band and various weighted dumbbells


What to Expect: Warm up with 5-10 minutes of cardio. Then perform the exercises in each superset, alternating each exercise for 3 sets of 16 reps. Rest 30-60 seconds between sets. For a shorter workout, do 1-2 sets of each block of exercises. Modify according to your fitness level and avoid any exercises that cause pain or discomfort


Precautions: See your doctor if you have any illnesses, injuries or other medical conditions.


Superset 1: Start with Side Lunges


Warm up by lunging from side to side, sitting back into the heel and keeping the knee behind the toe.  Repeat for 16 reps (1 rep includes both right and left sides)


Superset 1: Side to Side Lunge with Med Ball


Side to Side Lunge with Med Ball

Hold a medicine ball or weight (8-10 lbs) and lunge from side to side, taking the medicine ball to the floor during each lunge. Keep your weight in the heels and engage the abs to protect the lower back. Repeat for 16 reps.

Repeat Superset 1 for 3 Sets 


Superset 2: Start with Plie Squats and Leg Press


Plie Squat  

Hold heavy weights on the upper thighs and take the legs out wide, toes out at about a 45-degree angle.  Lower into a squat, keeping your knees in line with the toes.  Press into the heels to stand up and repeat for 16 reps.


Superset 2: Leg Press on Ball


One-Leg Press on Ball

Begin in an incline position on the ball, knees bent and holding onto a wall for balance. Straighten the left leg out in front of you, heel on the floor and push through the heel of the right foot to push up on the ball. Lower and repeat for 16 reps on each leg.


Repeat Superset 2 for 3 sets 


Superset 3: Start with Squats


Squat Med Ball Squeeze

Squeeze a medicine ball between the knees as you perform 16 ball squats, keeping the weight in the heels.


Superset 3: One-Legged Squats


One-Legged Squat

Place an exercise ball behind your lower back against a wall. Lift the left foot a few inches off the ground and lower into a squat. Push through the heel to stand up and repeat for 16 reps on each leg. Add weights for more intensity if desired.


Repeat Superset 3 for 3 sets. 


Superset 4: Start with Step Squats


Step-Squat with Band

Loop a resistance band under the feet and step sideways into a squat, keeping tension on the band.  Step the feet back together as you stand up and repeat for 1 set of 8 steps to the right and 8 steps to the left.


Superset 4: One-Legged Deadlifts


One-Leg Deadlift

Take one foot slightly behind you, resting on the toe and hold a heavy weight in both hands. Tip from the hips and keep the back flat as you lower the weight and lift the back leg up until there’s a straight line from heal to head. Lower and repeat for 16 reps before switching sides.


Repeat Superset 4 for 3 sets.


Superset 5: Start with Pullovers


Ball Bridge with Pullover

Lie in a bridge position on a ball holding a heavy weight in both hands.  With arms straight (elbows slightly bent), slowly lower the weight over the head, going only as far as your flexibility allows.  Squeeze the back to pull the weight up and repeat for 16 reps.


Superset 5: Dumbbell Rows


Dumbbell Row

Prop left foot on a step and the left hand on the upper thigh for support. Bend over with a heavy weight in the right hand and bend the elbow, rowing the arm up to torso level. Lower and repeat for 16 reps on each arm.


Repeat Superset 5 for 3 sets.


Superset 6: Start with Lateral Raise


Bent-arm Lateral Raise
Sit on a ball holding medium weights with the elbows bent.  Lift the arms out to the sides, bringing them up to shoulder level while keeping the elbows bent.  Lower and repeat for 16 reps.


Superset 6: Rear Delt Raise


Rear Delt Raise

Hold a weight in the left hand and bend over, keeping the back flat and the abs in. Keeping a slight bend in the elbow, lift the arm straight up to shoulder level. Lower and repeat for 16 reps on each arm.


Repeat Superset 6 for 3 sets.


Superset 7: Start with Triceps Pushups


Triceps Pushups on Ball


Position the ball under the upper thighs and place the hands in a narrow stance on the floor.  In a see-saw motion, bend the elbows and lower into a pushup, keeping the body straight.  Push back up and repeat for 16 reps.


Superset 7: Preacher Curls


Preacher Curls on Ball


Lean against the ball and hold medium weights with the elbows supported on the ball. Lower the weights down and pull them back up into a curl for 16 reps.


Repeat Superset 7 for 3 sets.  




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