A Simple Routine to Quiet Your Mind and Become More Resilient

Make time every week to reflect and get centered on your commitment to lead. 


Ever feel stretched to your limits at work?


Maybe you feel the strain from managing difficult workplace politics or co-worker relationships. Maybe you become stressed-out when second-guessed or criticized by a business partner. Sometimes just the mere fact that you have to routinely live outside of your comfort zone adds up and takes its toll, making it impossible to be a resilient leader.


Most of us would agree that a resilient leader is one that has the ability to recover from setbacks, can adapt easily to change, and consistently finds the strength to overcome adversity. Resilient leaders are the ones we see every day that possess an unwavering resolve buttressed by an uncanny ability to improvise and adjust to meet the demands of rapidly evolving business situations. Think Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk.


How can you become more resilient? The most resilient leaders take time for regular and thoughtful self-reflection. This can expose blind spots and improve self-awareness–both of which are essential elements of continuously improving as a leader.


Make time every week to sit and consider what, and how, you are doing as a leader. It can be the most important time you can invest in yourself.


Here’s a routine I can recommend. I know it works because I do it myself:


  • Make time each week to reflect on the challenges that lie immediately ahead and determine which leadership styles will be most appropriate to use when leading your team (don’t rely on just one!). The exercise will help you to choose “the right tools for the job.”
  • Look back at the previous week and review those moments when you had to provide leadership. Determine what you did well and what you might do even better the next time.
  • Take time to identify potential business circumstances that may emerge where your leadership will be tested. Imagine what you will do should those situations arise.
  • Ask yourself what you learned from a sub-optimal decision you made in the past week, and determine what you might do differently the next time.


As mentioned, I’ve made this routine a weekly habit and it has made me a stronger leader. I find I can now overcome the business obstacles that come my way in better sprits than when, in times past, I didn’t take the time to self-assess and recharge my focus.


The more you reflect in this way, the more likely you will be to take the steps needed to enhance your resiliency and improve on your leadership capabilities. Indeed, make time every week to reflect and “get centered” on your commitment to lead. You and your team will feel the difference.


by: James Kerr, Global chair, N2Growth


source:  www.inc.com/james-kerr/this-simple-weekly-habit-will-make-you-a-stronger-leader.html



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