Don’t Forget to Secure Your Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablet computers are convenient tools to mobile workers, but they introduce a ton of security risks. Here are some do’s and don’ts to ensure you stay safe as possible while using these devices:


DO configure your devices securely. That means enabling auto-lock with an unlock password, creating a strong complex password, disabling auto-complete features, enabling a remote-wipe feature and more. Taking some time up front will save you headaches later.


DON’T connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Free Wi-Fi hotspots in convention centers, airports, and coffee shops are notorious hangouts for hackers, who often create “man in the middle” attacks that allow them to intercept communications. If you must connect, use a virtual private network—ask Texas Systems Group about VPNs.


DO keep software and apps up to date. The providers of software and apps are constantly updating their products, usually with security patches that will help you stay secure. As one of TXSG’s Managed Service clients, we make sure all your software is up-to-date!


DON’T ignore anti-malware tools on your smaller devices. You wouldn’t leave your PC unprotected, and a phone or tablet is a very powerful computer, so it’s a mystery that more users don’t download anti-malware apps, many of which are free.


DO keep physical security in mind. A shocking number of phones and even tablets are lost in taxis and airplanes simply because of their size—which also makes them tempting targets for thieves. Whenever you rise to leave an area, check to make sure your devices are still with you. There are also cable locks made for laptops, PCs, monitors and other peripherals that physically secure your hardware to help prevent them from being stolen while on the road or in the office.


DON’T forget to back up your devices before traveling. That way, if the worst happens and they go missing, your data remains relatively intact.


source:  Texas Systems Group © 2019


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