Use These 6 Key Ways to Thrive in the Midst of Change

Have you noticed how life can suddenly change and turn everything upside down when you least expect it? Pregnancy, job transfer or sudden unemployment, divorce, death of a loved one, illness or the diagnosis of a disability?


How Do You React When You Are Faced With Sudden Change?

According to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, people tend to respond to any life situation with two emotions: Love or fear. We either allow ourselves to expand when feeling positive or feel paralyzed and stuck when confronted by difficult challenges.


Some people are able to embrace uncertainty and rise to the challenge while others cautiously retreat and shut themselves off from doing things differently.


You may even think the people you admire who show a positive disposition are just born that way but the reality is they have stepped out of their ‘”comfort zone” many times and have experienced small victories by not giving in to fear. Only after effort can we see results.


The following are 6 qualities anyone can use as their own as tools to help them thrive amidst change.


Attitude – Rewire Your Brain

The words and language you choose to use when faced with a life-challenge are extremely powerful in transforming a negative mindset to a positive one.


Words have the ability to shape your thoughts and as the saying goes, what you focus on grows. So be aware of your thought patterns amidst change.


To encourage feeling positive, the great news is that there are many ways to ‘rewire’ the brain so you can be master of your thoughts rather than being a slave to them.


  • Collect and verbalize quotes that really mean something to you.
  • Keep a gratitude journal to jot down special memories that will remind you of the good things in your life.
  • Be kind to yourself, by acknowledging you are doing the best you can.


Communication Eases Anxiety

When you can confide in another, you open the channel for communication. By being willing to express your fears, it allows you to brainstorm options.


Your confidante can offer a listening ear, a perspective or a solution you may not have considered previously.


Courage to Commit

Mustering the courage you require in order to deal with unexpected change shows not the absence of fear but a choice to take a bold step in some direction rather than stand still.


Once you commit to a path of action, watch how meeting the challenge will boost your self-confidence.


The important thing to remember here is to build courage by experiencing small victories, one by one.


“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says: I’ll try again tomorrow.” Mary Anne Radmacher.


Be Patient

As you ponder your options in the midst of change, Mother Nature will give you a clue—live within your natural energy cycles. Within bursts of effort and action, take time to rest and heal.


Time also involves being patient and flowing between the doing and the being. Taking on new skills, for example, and allowing time to rest for the new knowledge to sink in.


Create Fun

Let’s not overlook the power of creativity. Being stuck in the midst of change means you need to take a creative step forward. Do something differently and you will attract a different result.


Better still, if you can see life at times with a good sense of humor, the fear will appear less troublesome and you will be able to discover new creative options for problem-solving the way forward.


Follow Your Intuition

You may find it difficult to empty your mind of anxious thoughts when your world is being turned upside down, but I encourage you to tap into your feelings rather than your mind at this point.


Your gut feelings and inner ‘GPS’ can guide you through the fog of uncertainty.


Stillness of mind and letting go of rational thinking may sometimes be required to follow your intuition to unusual places that can bring unexpected success.


The most empowering point is knowing you can not only survive change but also thrive amidst the chaos because you now have 6 key ways to create a path forward.





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