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We have been monitoring the health situation that began in Wuhan, China since the first cases of the novel coronavirus were announced. Now, following what has developed over the last 24 hours, we have launched a special News Alert to begin addressing the situation. We have focused this special section on providing news and information that can be used to raise awareness of the illness, promote safety practices to help maintain one’s health, and ease any growing fears that can impact your day-to-day lives.


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The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a potentially deadly and highly contagious virus that can be transmitted through human-to-human contact. It is called the novel coronavirus, because it is a new (novel) coronavirus that is still being examined. While researchers work to uncover the background of this outbreak and the impact of the resulting illness, it’s important to remember that the risk to the general American public is still considered low by the Centers for Disease Control. Taking proactive measures, such as accessing the information available on this special News Alert, is currently the recommended course of action.


In this section, you’ll learn about coronaviruses, find resources related to the current outbreak, and discover the steps you should take to prepare your family should a viral outbreak happen in your community.


As always, follow the guidelines and information provided by the agencies responsible for monitoring and responding to concerns of this nature. Trusting your family’s health and wellbeing to untrusted sources of information may unnecessarily aggravate concerns or worry younger family members who do not have a full understanding of the situation.


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For more information:  Coronavirus


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