Coronavirus | COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus | COVID19

Since the first critical updates of the COVID-19 coronavirus were released to the public, we have been actively monitoring the situation and providing updates through the live News Alert on your website. With reports of new cases developing in the United States and the indication that community spread of COVID-19 is now underway, we wanted to make you aware that we are continuing to review and respond to events related to this health emergency.


Currently, we have updated our News Alert page with additional resources and are reaching out to our subject matter experts to provide new content that addresses the unique concerns US citizens have been sharing. From major cities to rural communities, Americans have different needs, and we want to make sure we can provide support for those needs in meaningful ways. In the meantime, we will continue our daily monitoring of the COVID-19 spread worldwide and adjust our resources as new developments happen, so your members have access to the information they need to properly prepare and respond.



Centers for Disease Control

World Health Organization


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For more information:  Coronavirus


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