The Little Things Kids Are Appreciating Right Now

Consider these the smallest of silver linings.


Many Americans have spent almost a month in self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, and while it’s vitally important to keep our distance right now, it’s certainly been challenging for many.


For self-isolating families in particular, this has been a loooong few weeks. So we asked the HuffPost Parents’ Facebook community to share what their kids are being more appreciative of, now that they’re spending so much time at home.


Here are the small, simple things that children have come to value in this strange new time. Consider it the smallest of silver linings.



“The older one has learned we don’t need to be busy 24/7, or have to go somewhere to have fun. She went from asking to go do something every evening or weekend to now she doesn’t want to leave (but she’s not allowed anyhow). The toddler, well we are still working on that lol.” ― Jennifer Cassiday McCartney


“My daughter has started to love chores… I leave a list and she is so motivated to get it done. It’s usually about 5 or 6 easy things… I have no idea why but I’m not arguing!” ― Amanda Kirkland


“My 9yo daughter has become keenly aware of how important team work as a family is. She has thanked her dad and me more than ever before, she asks if she can help out around the house, and most importantly she gives me a huge hug during the inevitable moments during this that I have broken down in tears. There is no hiding our emotions right now and I think that’s been valuable for our kids to see.” ― Lindsay Hall Cooper


“We’re sleeping in a lot, and staying up late (all night owls here). Not as enriching as some people’s answers, LOL, but we certainly appreciate that our days fit our rhythms better than when we were forced to fit into a (turns out arbitrary) earlier schedule!” ― Rachael Cleverly Hodson


“We’ve become more creative with our time. We have pretend spa days at home, I have two girls 13 and 17. We have creative time (we build something or create art). We have made the best of things, more walks, more time together. So far so good. We are baking more too. Not to mention virtual school.” ― Cinthya Cunningham


“My 9 year old step daughter finally learned to ride a bike without training wheels. My 9 year old son was her ‘coach.’ My husband and I have only been married since June, so this feels like blending on steroids. Seeing the two kids come together and celebrate that success has been awesome.” ― Lisa Klukas


“My 5 yo daughter genuinely loves being at home with both of her parents. I think she is excited that everyone has slowed down and is spending more time together.” ― Renee Cole


“I am a teacher and I’ve had more than one of my students tell me they miss school and all of their teachers. We don’t get a lot of that normally.” ― Lisa Sexton Smith


“Our son has been creating his own card games. They’re so detailed. He’s designed a full game based on the Roman Empire. I never realized how crazy he is about history and how much knowledge he already has. I’m impressed. Really impressed.” ― Justine Broadhurst


“My 6-year old and 8-year old have mastered riding their bicycles. 😍 My 12 year old has learned to cut the grass on his own. (Yay!)” ― Alex Harris


“They’re realizing how much they love and depend upon each other. They thought they were going to miss their friends, but they seem to find comfort together.” ― Amanda Mortensen Wallace


“My teens fully understand the benefit of school ― it’s easy to complain when you have to go, but now that it’s gone… 💡” ― Laura Jane Tubbs Lewon


“My teens actually deciding to spend time with their 6 year old sister of their own accord.” ― Sabrina Soros Kareha


“Each other. They are 17, 19 and 20 and hearing them stay up late into the night giggling like they did years ago has been a blessing.” ― Mandy Stitt


“My 9yr old appreciates her 4yr old sister more because she still has a friend to play with.” ― Colleen J Kearns-McMeken


“My 8 year old asked me if there were any more chores he could do. My 5 year old asked if we were ever going to wear outside clothes again. So it’s going well lol.” ― Kim Ann Mansfield


“I’ve been surprised at how self-sufficient they are ― when given the opportunity!” ― Leigh Palmer


“They love playing Minecraft together and I’m totally okay with it.” ― Laura Jean


“My 7 year [old] appreciates that our house is very cozy. ‘Mom, our house has carpet. I love that our house has carpet… I don’t have to wear shoes. Wait, Mom?!?!? Will my shoes fit my feet by the time we can go out again?!? I haven’t put them on in a long time.’ lol” ― Sandy DeTellis


Responses have been condensed and edited for clarity.




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