Because Life Happens

Alliance Work Partners is here for you as life happens.


Sometimes, when life happens, there is tragedy. We are seeing a lot of tragedy in America and around the world.


However you may find yourself impacted, whether it be related to anxiety around health, employment status and uncertainty, or tensions resulting from racial and civil unease, AWP can help. We all have normal and customary stressors in our everyday lives that are already difficult to navigate. Having these other extraordinary considerations thrown in to the mix is a dangerous and volatile recipe. What do we do when we go from some people hurting to most people hurting?


Emotions are so high. The environment is so pressurized. Disagreement seems to be the only thing upon which we all agree. One crisis on top of another.


It is hard.
It is exhausting.
It is frustrating.
It is crazy-making.


AWP is here for you as life happens.
We are here with ears to listen. We are here with hearts that care. We are here with respect. We are here for all.
We are here for you. Please call us at 800-343-3822.


Thank you,
Dr. Scott J. Terres
Vice President
Alliance Work Partners



awplogoprimary1   Here for you as life happens …



To access your AWP EAP services, call 1-800-343-3822.  Your EAP is here to help with family, work, health and legal issues.  EAP Services are provided at no cost and are 100% confidential.


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