11 Awesome Holiday Activities For You and Your Family




Watch the Parade
Looking for something to do. This is an old standard. Families have enjoyed watching the Macy’s Holiday Day Parades on TV since 1948 (and the parade was first held in 1924). Watching giant balloons, floats and marching bands roll through the streets of New York City with your kids is a cozy and magical way to start the holiday. Make it even more fun by printing out our Holiday parade bingo game!



Run a Turkey Trot
Everyone in your family can work up an appetite for your Turkey Day feast with a good turkey trot. The added bonus? Most turkey trots donate registration fees to good causes.



Looking for other ways to give back this holiday season? Check out our list of family volunteer ideas.



Get a Football Game Going
If you have a house full of football fans, it might be tough to pry their eyes from the TV on Thanksgiving Day. But striking up a family game of touch football (or any of these kid-friendly backyard games.



Research Your Family Tree
What better time is there to help your kids learn their family history than Thanksgiving? With their grandparents and other older relatives around, children can dive into their genealogy and fill in this printable family tree.



A Genealogical Treasure HuntFamilyEducationAre you curious about your ancestors? Exploring your family history can take some work, but with a little digging, you can uncover a goldmine of information. Try these tips to help uncover information and interesting facts about your family tree.



Get a Football Game Going
If you have a house full of sports fans, it might be tough to pry their eyes from all the televised football games. But striking up a family game of football is a much more memorable way to spend the day.



Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
One admirable way to spend the Holiday season is serving food to less-fortunate families at a soup kitchen, church or community center. If you can’t help on the holiday itself, look into ways your family can pitch in beforehand, like collecting and sorting donated food or baking Holiday pies.



5 Holiday Volunteer Opportunities for You and Your FamilyFamilyEducation5 Holiday Volunteer Opportunities for You and Your Family | FamilyEducation -For many people, Holidays revolve around three activities: eating a large meal, watching football, and shopping on Black Friday. It doesn’t take much for the true meaning of holidays to get lost in the mix of what seems like a never-ending To Do list of holiday preparation. Take a few moments to ponder what you’re truly thankful for, and ask yourself how you can volunteer your time and help others.



Have a Mini Pumpkin Hunt
Another fun group activity that’s perfect for toddlers on up is a mini pumpkin hunt. It’s one of our favorite pumpkin-themed activities. You can hide one or more mini pumpkins, indoors or outside, and let the family loose — like an Easter egg hunt with an autumn twist. One other idea is to play “Fill the Cornucopia,” asking kids to find all sorts of hidden items — apples, dried corn, and small gourds — to fill a cornucopia or basket on the Thanksgiving table.



Play a Board Game
A little friendly competition helps families bond during the holiday season— as long as everyone is a good sport! Pick from these 10 classic board games and play multiple rounds — or even a few different games — before crowning this year’s family board-game champion.



Video Chat with Faraway Relatives
Online chatting on a tablet or computer allows families to connect from across the country, and even around the world. If you have a loved one or two who are too far away to visit, chatting over Skype or another video-chatting service will make their day. (A good ol’ phone call is still nice, too!)



Arts and Crafts
We know the possible scene at your house: Mom is busy cranking out a feast in the kitchen. Dad is watching football. The kids are bored or cranky or running wild with their cousins. Set the youngsters up with some simple craft materials, or — even easier yet — break out the crayons and print out some holiday coloring pages to keep them entertained until dinner time.



Crafts for Kids, Preschoolers Family Education Keep the kids entertained and thankful this giving season with these creative craft and activity ideas for the holidays.


Help Out the Hosts
It’s never too early to teach kids how to lend a hand to the holiday dinner hosts (even if it’s Mom and Dad)! Children can help with everything from setting and decorating the table to mashing potatoes — and entertaining older guests, too. Everyone will admire how polite your little helpers are!



Give Thanks in Your Own Special Way
This is really what it’s all about: Giving thanks for family, friends, the holiday feast, and other good fortune. Relatives and guests can give thanks for something verbally at the dinner table, write and exchange thank-you cards, or find another unique way to give thanks.  Happy Holidays!



There’s plenty to do besides food and football for the Holidays. Keep the whole family entertained (and out of the kitchen) with any one of these activities!


Source: https://www.familyeducation.com/fun/11-awesome-family-activities-thanksgiving-day

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