Fun Family Spring Activities

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Shake off the winter blues and try any of these fun, spring

activities that will have you and the kiddos enjoying the fresh air.

Visit a petting zoo or farmTake a look online to see when petting zoos or farms open up in your area and spend a day feeding and petting adorable animals.


Jump in puddles.  Throw on your rain boots and explore the outdoors after a rainstorm. Find the biggest mud puddles and jump in them to see who can make the biggest splash. Or bring some toy boats and watch them race across to the finish.


Build a fort:  Any time of the year is the perfect time to build a fort. Why not bring your sleeping bags and extra blankets outside and build the best outdoor fort the world has ever seen? Or if your little one is scared of creepy crawlers, keep the fort-building party indoors.


Go to the beach:  Pack the kids and a cooler full of goodies in the car and head over to the nearest beach. Enjoy a fun-filled day of sand and much-needed sunshine.


Take a road trip:  Pack up the car and take a weekend road trip to somewhere you haven’t been. Listen to kid-friendly podcasts or take any of these 13 fun road trip toys along to keep them busy.


Head to the park:  What better way to get your kid’s extra energy out than at the park? Climb the monkey bars with them or race down the slides—it’ll be a day they won’t forget!


Jump rope:  The good weather means there’s no better time to start a jump rope competition. Get the whole neighbourhood involved!


Go to the library:  Get your kid to pick out some great bedtime stories for the week at your nearest library. Most libraries offer free story times and other fun activities.


Draw with chalk:  Sprawl out on the sidewalk with a big bucket of chalk or spruce up your driveway with your wildest creations.


Go bird-watching:  Teach your kids about all the different kinds of bird species as you watch them migrate home.


Play with outdoor toys:  Have fun outside with your kids’ favourite toys. Sounds simple, right? It is, and the kids will be so happy to show you how they play with their most prized possessions.


Host a playdate:  Arrange a playdate with a neighbour or head outside and let your kid make some friends at the park or on your street.


Hit the splash pad:  On those warmer days, head over to your local splash pad and let the little ones run wild through the sprinklers and mist machines.


Read outside:  Not all books have to be saved for bedtime. Pick a few classics, sit outside in the sunshine and immerse yourselves in story time.


Put together a scavenger hunt:  Kids love nature, so why not do a treasure hunt outside. Make a list of spring objects (rocks, pine cones, etc.) to look out for, and check them off as you find them outside.


Roll down a hill:  Get messy and let the giggle fit begin! Roll down the biggest hill you can find to see who can get to the bottom first. Tip: You might want to wear old clothes because of those pesky grass stains!


Star gaze:  Use a telescope or just sit outside on your front porch and look at the beautiful constellations on a clear, Spring night.


Play some street hockey:  Even without the ice, you and the kids can enjoy Canada’s favourite game outside. Play ball hockey on the driveway or on a safe corner of the street (with supervision, of course.)


Have a swinging contest:  Swing side by side and have a competition to see who can swing the highest.


Tetherball is always fun:  There’s nothing like a ball attached to a string to keep you and the kiddies entertained for hours.


Water balloon fight:  Get out the hose and fill up a ton of balloons for an epic water balloon fight in the backyard. Gather the kids from around the neighbourhood and team off for the ultimate balloon battle.


Browse around:  Take the kids to the nearest garage sale to look around, or spend a lazy afternoon window shopping outdoors or inside your local mall.


Play baseball:  Grab a ball, bat and glove and prep for baseball season. Any park will do!


Have a picnic:  Nothing beats a spring picnic. Pack a basket of goodies and sprawl on a blanket in the park (or your backyard) while enjoying the sun on your faces.


Watch the sunset:  The best ending to the perfect spring day is watching the sunset with the little ones before calling it a night.





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