Make Good Ergonomics Part of Your Drive to Work

Good ergonomics isn’t limited to the office: The same practices that can help avoid aches and pains at your desk can be applied to your drive to and from work, the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety says.


Lower back pain is a common commuter complaint, along with discomfort and pain. The same goes for foot cramps and a sore neck and shoulders stemming from poor posture, and stress and tension caused by sitting in one position for an extended period of time.


Make your ride to work more comfortable with these tips from CCOHS:


  • Adjust your seat so you can easily reach the pedals and controls. You should be able to reach the steering wheel without stretching your arms.
  • Raise the steering wheel if your legs or knees bump it while driving.
  • Keep the backrest at shoulder height so it doesn’t interfere with your rearview vision.
  • Adjust the headrest so it’s as high as – but not lower than about 2.5 inches from – the top of your head.





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