Become the leader you would follow

In leadership, titles are irrelevant. It does not imply occupying a position at the highest administrative level in the company.

Many types of leadership are found at different levels in the organization. Influence is at the heart of leadership. Therefore, anyone can lead a team, no matter where they are, but this requires taking on more than usual responsibilities.

You need to look beyond yourself, be broad-minded, enrich your network of contacts, guide and motivate people, and help them imagine and achieve great goals together. Be the leader you would follow. Be a great role model. Here are some steps to take your influence to the next level:

Leadership is for others, not you

Leadership requires you to serve others, develop them, to help them improve. You will find that this leadership style makes you more effective because it unlocks an extremely important ingredient – trust. It is much more satisfying to come up with ideas that are helpful to others than to plan for your success. A sincere desire to serve others and create pleasurable experiences is a key aspect of leadership. When people know you want to help them grow professionally, they will trust you.

Give your team more independence

You need to be able to distribute tasks efficiently. This does not mean inaction. The main job of the leader is to guide and inspire his employees and unite them around a common vision for the future, not to plan and realize the company’s goals alone. Leadership is for people. As a leader, you need to allow your team to work as they see fit to achieve the overall goal. Your success has nothing to do with the position you hold or your strengths. You need to give your team the independence they need, even if it doesn’t work out the first time you expect it to. Thanks to the guidance and inspiration you give them, your employees will rise high.

Expand your network of contacts

One of your main priorities as a leader is to naturally build relationships with others. You need to build relationships with other members of the organization and in your sphere of influence, to keep in touch with the people you serve, as well as with the leaders of other companies in the industry. Attending conferences is a great way to make new acquaintances. Making contacts is extremely important, as it allows you to share your ideas with other people and gain experience and inspiration from them.



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