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eap-street-signsAWP exists to find solutions for the problems that affect your life.  This session introduces employees to the endless benefits of our online resource databases, as well as the customized care of our national counseling network. Learn how to take advantage of the confidential and comprehensive services that you and your family members can access at any time.


Topics include:


  • Advice, resources, and referrals for daily living and self improvement
  • Confidential counseling and consultations for personal and professional problems
  • Utilization guidelines for employees and their families


recorded 10/8/2020


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Go to:  www.AWPnow.com

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EAP Benefit Flyer:  English | Spanish


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Anatomy of a Simple Will: English | Spanish


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Your EAP is just a phone call away:  800-343-3822.


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A special message from your Employee Assistance Program


Corona Virus | CVID-19

The Coronavirus | CVID-19 status continues to change and evolve – in some cases on a daily basis.  We have added additional information to our information portal.


AWP will continue to update our webpage with additional resources and reaching out to our subject matter experts to provide new content that addresses the unique concerns US citizens have been sharing. From major cities to rural communities, Americans have different needs, and we want to make sure we can provide support for those needs in meaningful ways. In the meantime, we will continue our daily monitoring of the COVID-19 spread worldwide and adjust our resources as new developments happen, so you and your loved ones have access to the information they need to properly prepare and respond.


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AWPnow.com | Your EAP Website

Your EAP offers many resources to help you become more resilient, cope with unfortunate events and uncover a better you. AWPnow.com is computer, phone and tablet friendly and your gateway for online tools, helpful resources, training content, motiving webinars and legal/financial information.


  • View your EAP Orientation Video on the main page for a brief introduction to your EAP services.
  • Access your EAP Benefits by choosing the benefit menu option.
  • Visit the Blog when you need motivation, AWP provides a blog of timely information, articles and tips to make the most of your day.
  • Access HelpNet for helpful self-paced information on a variety of life events.
  • AWP Webinars can be viewed at your convenience and are accessible for 60 days. To register for upcoming Webinars, select Webinars; to view Webinar Recordings currently available, select Webinars > Recordings
  • View AWP Publications to be inspired, prepared or informed for many life events by selecting Publications
  • Preparedness and Response Toolkits provide resources and information to be prepared for as well as how to respond to life, weather, community, national, and worldwide events.


Help is just a mouse click away!


Stress Management | View

Your EAP offers multiple solutions to assist you in managing stress and building your resilience.  This supports you both personally and professionally in your daily life.  Your EAP and workplace wellness program can’t de-stress everything you face – it can help with the physical effects of stress and help the employee cope with the environment they are in.


WorkLife ServicesEnglish | Spanish

Frequently the hardest part of a decision is doing the research to make your choice.  Your EAP regularly helps people much like yourself locate the services they need to help family members and themselves cope with life’s challenges.  Simply call to have a no cost, confidential conversation with an Intake Counselor that can do general research and within 72 hours provide up to 3 possible options for you to explore more thoroughly.


EAP CounselingView

There are times when speaking with someone can help & the support can get you back on track.  Your EAP offers short-term counseling for a variety of personal issues.  We can help with any person issue affecting your quality of life.  Your EAP is just a phone call away:  800-343-3822.


Confidential  – No identifying information is provided to your employer

No cost to you – Just pick up the phone

Available anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


AWP EAP Monthly Webinars | View

Each month, your EAP offers 2 opportunities to participate in a complimentary 1 hour training webcast.  Reserve your seat online through our registration link on your EAP website.  You can also view previous webcasts – recordings are available for 60-days after each live session.


Living a Life in Balance | View PDF

Given all you have to do, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s probably your ultimate goal: to enjoy your life as you follow through on your personal and professional responsibilities in satisfying ways.


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Contact your AWP Account Management Team:



Nicki Leach, Director of Account Services & Account Manager

Sarah Hernandez, Account Specialist

Scott Terres, Clinical Services



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To access your AWP EAP services, call 1-800-343-3822.  Your EAP is here to help with family, work, health and legal issues.  EAP Services are provided at no cost and are 100% confidential.


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