The Most-Visited Tourist Attraction In Every State

America is an expansive, diverse country with amazing spots in each state for every type of traveler. Whether you’re a foodie, an outdoor adventurer or a history buff, each state’s most visited destination could be your next dream vacation destination. These popular museums, monuments, national parks and colorful neighborhoods attract visitors from around the country[…]

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Many factors can affect your weight, including your genes, age, gender, lifestyle, family habits, culture, sleep, and even where you live and work. Some of these factors can make it hard to maintain or achieve a healthy weight. Regardless, following a nutritious eating pattern and exercising regularly can help keep your body as healthy as possible[…]

Escaping the Cycle of Substance Use and Treatment-Resistant Depression

It’s not uncommon for people with treatment-resistant depression to have problems with drugs or alcohol. While some people may turn to substances to relieve their depression, drinking and drugs can make your condition worse and harder to treat. But you can get treatment for both depression and drug or alcohol problems at the same time.[…]