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HR & Supervisor Tool Kit | Open PDF


Alliance Work Partners provides a wide variety of tools and resources to support HR and Supervisors. We’re here to assist you in finding solutions, whatever your workplace may deal with day-to-day.


Toll Free: 800-343-3822

TDD: 800-448-1823

EAP Teen Line: 800-334-TEEN (8336)



HR & Supervisors Webpage | View Online

Supervisor Handbook | Open PDF


The EAP Five-Step Formula for HR & Supervisors | 4/18/18 | View Webinar


supervising-teamIn addition to personal and professional guidance, AWP empowers managers with unlimited consultation and support to identify and resolve workplace productivity problems. This course details the options and resources available to supervisors through their EAP, from onsite training and mediation services to a strategic five-step formula for effectively handling procedural (formal) referrals.


Topics Include:

  • Promoting EAP utilization among employees.
  • How the EAP supports you as a supervisor.
  • Monitoring, documenting and addressing employee behavior and job performance.
  • Appropriately referring employees to their EAP.



Helpful Flyers

Getting the Most Out of Your EAP | Open PDF

Alliance Work Partners provides a comprehensive plan for communication flow throughout the year. Your EAP is not going to promote itself – at least not until the employees start using it. Once they become familiar with the program, they will talk to each other about it.


Maximize Your Employees Abilities | Open PDF

New Employee Success Tips | Open PDF

Reducing Workplace Stress | Open PDF



Tools & Resources

AWPnow – Navigating your EAP Website | View

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CISR – Critical Incident Stress Response | Open PDF

Monthly Webinars | Open PDF

Lifestyle Blog | View Online

Preparedness & Response | View Online

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Training Catalog | Open PDF

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Available Webinars


Effective Leadership | View Leadership Webinar

The EAP Five-Step Formula for HR & Supervisors | View Webinar



Additional Resources


HIPAA – Notice of Privacy Practices | View Online


Suicide Prevention | Read More

Alliance Work Partners is proud to announce that our Call Center has been granted accreditation by the American Association of Suicidology as a Crisis Care Center.



Visit your EAP Website anytime for EAP Resources


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To access your AWP EAP services, call 1-800-343-3822.  Your EAP is here to help with family, work, health and legal issues.  EAP Services are provided at no cost and are 100% confidential.


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      All the monthly webinars that AWP offers free of charge to all customers are recorded and archived on the website for 60 days. Upon request, each customer, when requesting training, can request a webinar and all webinars are recorded and can be available on the specific company website. We also have pre-recorded webinars of training that are available in bundles at an additional charge. Please reach out to your Account Manager for further details!

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