When You’re Younger Than the People You Manage

Hello new manager!   Welcome to the ranks: More than 60% of Millennials and nearly half of Gen Z employees say they are people managers. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, take a moment to bask in your glory. Adding the word “manager” to your title might feel intimidating at first, but you’re here. You did it. Take[…]

Facing A New Year Can Be Difficult After The Death Of A Loved One

While other people compile their resolutions for the start of the new year which will more than likely be something like resolving to be more patient, lose weight or start exercising, a new year without a loved one poses different challenges. You may have managed, with tears and longing, to get through Christmas without your[…]

How the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic Is Taking a Toll on Mental Health

8 ways to cope with the stress of a long-haul pandemic When the pandemic started, none of us imagined that we’d still be social distancing and wearing masks well over a year later. But here we are. And as the months drag on (and on… and on…), many of us are feeling even more exhausted, irritated and[…]

5 Ways the Change of Seasons Might Affect Your Mental Health … and what you can do about it.

Sometimes it can seem like it’s mandatory to like fall. Everyone is abuzz with talk of pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather, and rain boots. If seasonal changes are difficult for you, you might feel alone. The truth is that for many people, the transition to fall is tough and the transition to winter is even[…]

Creative Ways to Get to Know Your Team When You Work from Home

Don’t think for a moment that only employees who stand around the company water cooler each day build bonds. Plenty of methods exist for remote workers to get to know their colleagues—and reap benefits such as improved overall communication, a sense of belonging, and increased job satisfaction. Looking for inspiration? Here, remote workers share their[…]

Employees: How to Cope with Job Stress and Build Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic

      Whether you are going into work or working from home, the COVID-19 pandemic has probably changed the way you work. Fear and anxiety about this new disease and other strong emotions can be overwhelming, and workplace stress can lead to burnoutexternal icon. How you cope with these emotions and stress can affect your well-being, the[…]