Schizophrenia Myths

It Causes Multiple Personalities Experts aren’t sure why, but many people confuse schizophrenia with dissociative personality disorder, which is when someone has two or more identities or personalities. Schizophrenia may cause hallucinations or delusions, but it does not create multiple personalities. It Makes You Violent or Dangerous Movies and other media may make it seem[…]

Celebrate National Minority Mental Health Month this July

Mental health conditions do not discriminate based on a person’s color, gender or identity, but these factors can make it more difficult for an individual to receive care. Without adequate treatment, mental health conditions will likely continue and perhaps even worsen. To help people in minority groups get the mental health care they need, the[…]

5 Simple Ways To Make The Workplace Better For Disabled Employees

Disabled professionals are far rarer than we should be. Access barriers, institutional discrimination, and social misconceptions can all push disabled workers out of employment opportunities they’d likely otherwise be offered. For those who are hired, these same hurdles continue to exist in a way that prevents us from experiencing full inclusion in our workplaces. Having[…]


No matter how many safety guidelines and practices you’ve set in place, they won’t do any good if your employees aren’t aware and invested in following those guidelines. The safest work environments occur when employees, at all levels of the organization, work together to communicate and adhere to the safety standards set in place. By[…]

Help for Caregivers

General Help     National Family Caregiver Support Program  The National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP), established in 2000, provides grants to States and Territories, based on their share of the population aged 70 and over, to fund a range of supports that assist family and informal caregivers to care for their loved ones[…]

Overwhelmed by Suffering? Here’s How to Act Anyway

Confronted with images of immigrant children in cages, how can we get past overwhelm and work toward a solution?   A few days ago, a Facebook friend of mine posted a video of a Texas detention center housing apprehended migrants at the U.S. border. Inside massive enclosures made of chain-link fencing, children sat shoulder to[…]