Is My Stress Level Too High?

Maybe it’s your demanding boss, morning gridlock, or relationship problems with a friend or family member. Whatever the cause, it’s likely you experience some level of stress on a daily basis. But while some day-to-day stress is normal (and can even be a good thing if it motivates you), chronic, overwhelming stress can have a negative impact on your physical, mental,[…]

Mental Health Warning Signs and When to Ask for Help

The signs and symptoms of mental health issues can vary widely in severity and frequency from person to person. That’s why it’s not always easy to determine if what you’re feeling is something situational that may pass on its own, or whether it’s something persistent that may require professional help. It’s important to know that[…]

What to Expect in the Wake of Mass Violence

Mass violence events happen with alarming frequency. Large scale shootings or riots in public places—malls, workplaces, entertainment venues and schools—receive the most attention in the media, but incidents in which two or more people are the victims of serious violence happen regularly. These deadly crimes may be committed using guns, knives, fire, bombs or even[…]

How to Deal With Anxiety at Work

If you find yourself getting stressed at work, know that it happens to everyone and it’s completely normal. But if you realize that stress is constant, overwhelming, and prevents you from living your life, it could be an anxiety disorder. Having anxiety at work can have a huge impact on you and your career. People who feel anxious[…]

You’re Not a Fraud. Here’s How to Recognize and Overcome Imposter Syndrome

“What am I doing here?” “I don’t belong.” “I’m a total fraud, and sooner or later, everyone’s going to find out.”   If you’ve ever felt like an imposter at work, you’re not alone. A 2019 review of 62 studies on imposter syndrome suggested anywhere from 9 to 82 percent of people report having thoughts along[…]

4 tips to help you tackle confusing, uncertain, and stressful times like these

  Uncertainty is a major cause of stress and can affect your mental and physical health.  To better deal with uncertainty, practice mindfulness and follow a routine. Most importantly, learn to accept uncertainty as there will always be things out of your control.    Research shows that uncertainty can be appealing during certain activities like gambling[…]

Depression Signs, Symptoms, Latest Treatments, Tests, and More

Depression is one of the most common types of mental illness among Americans.   While everyone has experienced sadness, not everyone has experienced depression. In fact, if you’ve never been depressed, chances are that you don’t have a real grasp on what living with this complex mental illness is like. Depression is insidious. It affects[…]