To Tackle Boring Tasks, Direct Your Attention Elsewhere

There’s no escaping boring tasks. While you may do your best to fill your schedule with engaging activities, the reality is that we all have menial, yet critical, assignments at work. So how can you power through them? Research suggests one strategy is to pair the boring item on your to-do list with another activity[…]

When You Run Out of Willpower

You only have so much mental energy and willpower. And if you’re not careful, you’ll experience what psychologists call ego depletion. Here’s how you can reach your goals even when you’re feeling drained.   Think about how you feel after a long, busy day. After running errands, working on projects, and rushing to appointments, do[…]

What is Your Phone Doing to Your Relationships?

New research is exploring how phubbing—ignoring someone in favor of our mobile phone—hurts our relationships, and what we can do about it.   Phubbing is the practice of snubbing others in favor of our mobile phones. We’ve all been there, as either victim or perpetrator. We may no longer even notice when we’ve been phubbed[…]

How Can I Get My Partner To Put Their Cellphone Down?

Expert tips on how to create a phone-free zone in your relationship.   If we bury ourselves in our phones in our loved one’s company, we might be sending an unintended message.   “When a partner is always glancing away from you to a phone, it feels like rejection, and the rejections can add up,”[…]

Cognitive Costs of Multitasking

Multitasking can reduce productivity, but it might also impact brain health   Multitasking seems like a great way to get a lot done at once. While it might seem like you are accomplishing many things at once, research has shown that our brains are not nearly as good at handling multiple tasks as we like[…]

How Binge-Watching Affects Your Sleep

I like a good binge-watching session as much as anyone. Not long ago, I blew through all 96 episodes of Entourage in about two weeks! It seems I’m in good company. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of Americans are binge watchers.   With technology including streaming services and on-demand content transforming the way[…]