February is American Heart Month

You have the power to take action to protect yourself against heart disease. Small heart-healthy actions like adding more movement to our day or choosing healthy foods, can have a big impact on protecting   #OurHearts.   Source: https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/education/american-heart-month      Here for you as life happens …   To access your AWP EAP services, call[…]

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Brain

Spring always feels like such a time of renewal and awakening. People often use it as a reason to “spring clean” their homes—to tidy up and make things feel fresh and new. Reorganizing all your closets, cupboards, and drawers can help you feel re-energized, but doing a cleanup of your mind and brain can really help you feel[…]

What Is Emotional Abuse?

Signs and Red Flags of Emotional Abuse   Emotional abuse involves controlling another person by using emotions to criticize, embarrass, shame, blame, or otherwise manipulate them. While most common in dating and married relationships, mental or emotional abuse can occur in any relationship—including among friends, family members, and co-workers.   Emotional abuse In general, a relationship is[…]

Know the Difference: 8 Ways to Distinguish Between Depression and Anxiety

Understanding Anxiety and Depression Anxiety and depression are two common mental health disorders that often occur together. Around 60% of people with anxiety will also develop depression and vice versa. With the two conditions presenting together so often, it may be hard to tell them apart. Here are some key differences between anxiety and depression.[…]

Domestic Violence Awareness – The Power of the Purple Ribbon

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) is held throughout the month of October as a way to bring advocates across the nation together to end domestic violence. Communities and advocacy organizations across the country will connect with one another in a true sense of unity to end domestic violence for good. HISTORY[…]