Coffee and Heart Disease

In the past, coffee was generally regarded as being detrimental to heart health. Coffee was said to increase blood pressure, increase cholesterol levels, and increase the risk of heart attack and cardiac arrhythmias. However, more recent and more careful studies have suggested that coffee probably does not increase the risk of heart disease; and in some cases may[…]

The Truth About Freudian Slips

When you accidentally use the wrong word in a conversation, does it actually reveal something about your unconscious mind? Here’s what you should know about Freudian slips (as well as some famous slip-ups that have made headlines).   A Freudian slip is a verbal or memory mistake that is believed to be linked to the unconscious mind.[…]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in the U.S., and early detection can be critical for improving outcomes against the disease. Below are some tips to help you reduce your risk.   Early Detection is the Key   Perform a breast self-exam each month Discuss breast changes/abnormalities with your healthcare[…]

Managing Panic Disorder in Public

Anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, are characterized by extreme fear and nervousness. The symptoms of panic disorder are often difficult to manage, and dealing with panic attacks and agoraphobia is even more challenging when you’re in public. Your anxiety about it may never go away, but you can learn to more effectively manage your symptoms in a way that[…]