Total Body Strength, Balance and Stability Workout

This total body workout targets strength, balance, and stability by focusing on both traditional exercises and unilateral moves, which are often more difficult to complete.   Overview Equipment Needed: Exercise ball, medicine ball, resistance band and various weighted dumbbells   What to Expect: Warm up with 5-10 minutes of cardio. Then perform the exercises in each superset, alternating each exercise for 3 sets[…]

The Importance of Work-Life Balance and Overcoming Work Addiction

Although not a formally recognized addiction, workaholics struggle with balance   Work-life balance is something we aspire to but rarely achieve. This is particularly the case for people who work too much, including workaholics, or people who are addicted to work. Workaholism or work addiction was first used to describe an uncontrollable need to work constantly.[…]

What It Means to Be Mentally Healthy

Mental health doesn’t solely refer to mental illnesses. Here’s what good mental health actually means.   The Characteristics of Mental Health   It has always been easier to define mental illnesses than to define mental health. In the United States, the American Psychiatric Association has traditionally been the organization to define mental disorders (beginning as early[…]

Exercises for Better Balance

Balance training can help improve your workouts as well as your everyday life. Here are five exercises to get you started.   Balance training isn’t just for your grandparents anymore! Athletes have discovered how specific balance training exercises make them more explosive and powerful. Seniors have found it helps them prevent injuries from falls and maintain[…]

How to Maintain Work-Life Balance Like a Pro

How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance   Many people think that maintaining a work-life balance is primarily based around cutting out activities from one’s schedule. Indeed, setting priorities, simplifying your schedule, and learning time management techniques are all a significant part of work-life balance, in that these steps may be required to minimize the “work”[…]