When and How to Take a Mental Health Day

Sometimes taking a mental health day—a day off that’s specifically geared toward stress relief and burnout prevention—is the best thing you can do for yourself. While one day might not solve heavy underlying problems that lead to burnout, a mental health day can provide a much-needed break to pause, regroup, and come back with greater levels of[…]

How to Tell You Have Reached the Point of Burnout

When stress is left unmanaged, it can lead to burnout. Here’s how to recognize if you’re starting to get burned out and what you can do about it.   If you are experiencing high amounts of stress in your lifestyle, it’s important to maintain an awareness that burnout could potentially be looming in the future if you don’t take steps[…]

Build Relaxation Into Your Life

Stave Off Burnout And Relax On A Regular Basis   We all need to take breaks now and then.  Sadly, many of us don’t give ourselves any downtime until we’re stressed enough that we need it.  Sometimes this is because we have so much to do that we have difficulty finding down time.  Sometimes we just don’t realize how important it[…]

How to Give to Others without Burning Out

Research suggests that self-care can reduce stress and exhaustion—if we know how to practice it.   In our over-stressed world, many health care providers, social workers, and caregivers are suffering from slow yet painful burnout. Many of the rest of us, working long hours and raising families, seem to be approaching burnout, too. Sometimes we[…]