Secrets to Burning Fat Effectively While Exercising

Burning fat is key to weight loss, body shaping, and improved health or athletic performance. Whether trimming the waistline, smoothing the love handles or losing the cellulite, we all know we should do it but rarely do it right.   The solution lies largely in our understanding of human physiology and what is needed to[…]

Exercises and Activities that Burn More Calories

One of the primary goals of an exercise program is to develop and maintain cardiorespiratory fitness. Many people engage in aerobic activities to improve their health status, reduce disease risk, modify body composition and improve all-around physical fitness. It is important to select a mode of exercise that uses the large muscles of the body in[…]

Simple Ways to Save 100 Calories per Day

Spray It, Don’t Pour It It’s so easy to overpour oil, and each tablespoon packs 120 calories and 14 grams of fat. So, instead of standard bottles of oil, pick up nonstick spray. A 1-second spray has 5 to 10 calories. Even with a 2-second spray, you’ll save 100 calories! There’s also a new development in the[…]