12 Confidence Killers Your Teen Needs to Stop Doing Today

Because even the smallest tweaks in how your teen approaches life can have a BIG impact on their self-esteem   It’s time your teen stops sabotaging their self-esteem once and for all by eliminating these confidence killers in their life…   Pass along these 12 confidence killers your teen needs to stop doing today so[…]

How to Deal with Screen Addiction in Kids

It’s no secret that our little ones are becoming increasingly attached to their screens, be it smartphones, tablets, or good old televisions. This growing screen addiction can have some pretty serious consequences on their physical, mental, and social well-being. But have no worries, fellow parent or guardian, because we’re here to tackle this modern-day challenge together. In[…]

School Anxiety Is More and More Common – Here’s How to Help Your Kid Through It

As summer draws to a close and the school bells begin to ring, a familiar yet daunting wave of back-to-school anxiety can start to creep in for kids of all ages. The return to classrooms, routines, and new experiences and challenges can trigger a range of emotions. And while this anxiety is a common response to change, as[…]

The Kids Are Not All Right—And It’s Stressing Your Workforce

A mental health crisis in today’s youth did not begin with the COVID pandemic, but the last two years certainly exposed and accelerated it. It’s why The Surgeon General’s Youth Mental Health Advisory is both a call to action and a cry from the heart. One in three high school students reported “persistent feelings of sadness or[…]