Practical Strategies for Fostering a Culture of Open Communication in Your Organization

I have always been asked, to create and fostering a culture of open communication in their organization, what is that they need to do or keep in mind? I believe that effective communication is the lifeblood of any successful organization. When employees feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, ideas, and concerns openly, it fosters a culture[…]

Tips for Improving Your Nonverbal Communication

Strong communication skills can help you in both your personal and professional life. While verbal and written communication skills are important, research has shown that nonverbal behaviors make up a large percentage of our daily interpersonal communication.   How can you improve your nonverbal communication skills? Paying closer attention to your nonverbal signals is an excellent place[…]

Ghosted: Why It Happens and How to Cope

Ghosting occurs when someone you are dating or getting to know disappears without a trace. This could happen at the very beginning of a relationship or in the middle of one, whether in person or online. Dealing with being ghosted is incredibly difficult—especially because you usually don’t know the cause or know how to react.  […]

Conflict Resolution Mistakes to Avoid

Conventional wisdom (and research) says that good communication can improve relationships, increasing intimacy, trust, and support.   The converse is also true: poor communication can weaken bonds, creating stress, mistrust and even contempt!   Because conflict is virtually inevitable in relationships (and not necessarily a sign of trouble), you can reduce a significant amount of[…]

Important Leadership Skills for Workplace Success

Do you have the leadership skills that employers look for? Whether you are an office manager or a project leader, all good leaders require a number of soft skills to help them positively interact with employees or team members. What Makes an Effective Leader Effective leaders have the ability to communicate well, motivate their team, handle and[…]

Navigate difficult conversations at work with this 7-step process

Take a deep breath. You got this.   Whether with loved ones, friends, or coworkers, we typically spend our lives avoiding the inevitability of a difficult conversation. However, when it’s time for them to happen, they have to just… well, happen. Work conversations can be especially difficult – especially when emotion is involved – because you have[…]