FDA Will Require 2 Months of Safety Data Before Approving a COVID-19 Vaccine

  Key Takeaways The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will require vaccine manufacturers to provide two months of safety data before it will approve a COVID-19 vaccine for use by the general public. The FDA believes the two-month period will allow time enough for possible side effects or adverse outcomes of a potential vaccine to[…]

3 Surprising Health Risks of Working From Home

Key Takeaways More people are working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While avoiding the office and staying socially distant is crucial to stopping the spread of the virus, working from home can bring about other health concerns. A recent study found that 41.2% of at-home workers report low back pain and 23.5% experience neck[…]

How to Vote Safely During COVID-19

The countdown is on to the 2020 Presidential election—debatably one of the most important elections in our lifetime. Normally, the poll sites are packed with people lining up outside voting centers every November. But as COVID-19 has proven, this year is anything but normal, and certain measures must be taken to ensure the highly contagious virus[…]

Fall Activities During COVID-19: What’s Safe, and What Might Be Risky

How to safely go apple picking, enjoy a hayride, take a woodsy hike, hold a tailgate, and do other fall favorites.   Fall is here, and that means there’s a range of fun activities you can enjoy with family and friends—in any normal year, that is. But 2020 has brought us a global pandemic, and[…]

Benefits and Challenges of Working From Home

Increasingly, home is being seen as the most productive place to work. A 2019 survey of 1,004 full-time employees across the U.S., including 505 remote workers, found that employees who worked from home worked an average of 16.8 more days every year than those in an office.   The benefits of home working include:   Not suffering the distractions of office life,[…]

Staying Connected & Resilient for Back-to-School

Six Online Activities to Help Students Cope with COVID-19 – these well-being practices can help students feel connected and resilient during the pandemic.   At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, UNESCO estimates that 91.3% of the world’s students were learning remotely, with 194 governments ordering country-wide closures of their schools and more than 1.3 billion students[…]

Can I Leave Hand Sanitizer in a Hot Car?

Thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic, people today seem to be preoccupied with killing germs, on everything from the kitchen countertop to their own hands. And our current obsession with hand sanitizer means people carry it everywhere – including leaving a jug of it inside their hot cars.   Is that safe?   Short answer: Yup.   You mean, it[…]