How to Spiff up Your Work- From-Home Space When You’re Spending a lot of Time on Zoom

Welcome to your new office: your home. The coronavirus pandemic has forced most of us to quickly relocate our work space into our homes. Working from home can be a nice break from going into the office, but having an ongoing work-from-home situation can become a little stressful when you’re not used to it. If[…]

How to Make Friends When Socially Distancing

You can still make new friends as an adult and reconnect with old during the pandemic. People are social animals who crave interaction and connections. That’s why people go to foodie meetups or join book clubs, bowling leagues, and sewing circles. And that’s why work colleagues hang-out at the water cooler.   Whether you are[…]

Nutrition check: What to eat to stay healthy during a pandemic

Surviving through a pandemic doesn’t mean you have to neglect your preventive health and nutrition.  In fact, now more than ever a healthy diet can help you protect yourself. Poor nutrition and unhealthy diets can lead to diet related diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and a variety of other nutrition-related diseases, small changes[…]

How to Be Professional (Even in Slippers)

Working from home has made us rethink what it means to be professional. Like feeling comfortable swapping that work suit for a sweat suit.  But professionalism has always been about more than a dress code. It’s performing to your best, inspiring others, and feeling good about yourself.  Let’s explore ways to act and feel like[…]

Recovered From COVID-19? Here’s Why You Should Get Vaccinated Anyway

      Key Takeaways People who recover from COVID-19 may not have strong and long-lasting immunity, especially if their disease was mild. Experts recommend that people who have recovered from COVID-19 receive a vaccination when it becomes available to them. The CDC suggests waiting 90 days after a COVID-19 infection to get the vaccine.[…]

How Stay -at- Home Orders Are Affecting Our Health

  Key Takeaways The COVID-19 pandemic has led many countries to put stay-at-home orders in place. A new study shows that stay-at-home orders have led to changes in health behaviors, such as a decrease in physical activity, reduced quality sleep, and increased anxiety. While healthy eating behaviors have increased, more than 25% of the participants[…]

Google and Apple Join Forces To Bolster Contact Tracing

Key Takeaways Exposure Notification is a smartphone-powered tool used to augment traditional contact tracing Users’ phones send and receive non-identifiable Bluetooth keys when people they have come into proximity with for more than 15 minutes test positive for COVID-19 Nineteen states have approved the use of this technology, with more likely to come in the future.[…]

Fun Virtual Holiday Party Ideas in 2020

          List of Virtual Holiday Party Ideas Virtual holiday parties help remote employees mingle with far-away coworkers. These parties also give companies a chance to reward remote employees for all the wonderful work done throughout the year. Here is a list of virtual holiday party ideas and virtual Christmas party ideas[…]