How to Deal With Difficult Employees: A Guide for Managers

Managers help their employees achieve company goals, provide assistance during projects and sometimes direct conflict resolution. The best managers know how to handle difficult employees and promote a peaceful working environment that establishes trust. When problems arise in the workplace, managers need to understand how to deal with difficult employees and what to avoid. How to[…]

How to Maintain Work-Life Balance Like a Pro

How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance   Many people think that maintaining a work-life balance is primarily based around cutting out activities from one’s schedule. Indeed, setting priorities, simplifying your schedule, and learning time management techniques are all a significant part of work-life balance, in that these steps may be required to minimize the “work”[…]

Cognitive Costs of Multitasking

Multitasking can reduce productivity, but it might also impact brain health   Multitasking seems like a great way to get a lot done at once. While it might seem like you are accomplishing many things at once, research has shown that our brains are not nearly as good at handling multiple tasks as we like[…]

Becoming A Magnetic Leader

How To Draw The Potential From Your People   “Leaders don’t convince people to follow them.  Leaders walk forward, and those who want to go down their path decide to follow.” – Simon Sinek   Have you ever been in the presence of a leader who draws you in, engages you, and helps pull your talents and[…]

Six Thinking Hats | Looking at a Decision From All Points of View

What is your instinctive approach to decision making? If you’re naturally optimistic, then chances are you don’t always consider potential downsides. Similarly, if you’re very cautious or have a risk-averse outlook, you might not focus on opportunities that could open up.   Often, the best decisions come from changing the way that you think about[…]

How to Organize Your Life

10 Habits of Really Organized People   Really organized people are not born organized people. They have to cultivate healthy habits, which then help them to stay organized. Here are the essential ten habits they use to keep their lives in order:   1. Write Things Down We all know someone that remembers every birthday[…]

Why You Should Take a Relaxing Lunch Break

According to a new study, we concentrate better and feel less stressed when we purposefully detach from work and enjoy a real break.   I know the importance of breaks in a workday. The science clearly shows that taking a cognitive timeout helps us to work better and feel better, and personal experience confirms that.[…]