When College Kids Come Home

… an empty nest starts looking pretty good   You forget about the noise, the constant thud of sneakered feet, the slamming of doors for no reason at all, simply as a statement of late adolescence. Also, the clutter. Alps of clutter. You forget about the dishes, the relentless congestion in the sink, because why commit[…]

Adjusting to an Empty Nest

Know that there is no “right” way to cope. Placing expectations of feeling on themselves can make the transition even more difficult. “Parents must live into the new role and be compassionate with themselves no matter how they respond,” Scott said.   Embrace communication. Talk with your children and spouse to set clear expectations about[…]

Why Empty Nesters Need to Keep Planning and Dreaming

The day your last child leaves home, whether for college, a job, a marriage or any other reason, is as big of a change in the life of a parent as it was when you welcomed your first baby into your home. The way you think about yourself and the priorities you have — being[…]

Ways to Stay Motivated in an Empty Nest

Adjusting to being an empty nester can be difficult for some parents. Take these steps to ease your transition to your new and soon-to-be wonderful life.   Make Plans For empty nesters, the sudden drop in child-related activities can leave them with many empty days on their calendars. School functions and events take up a[…]

When Do Empty Nesters Miss Their Kids the Most?

Empty nesters miss their kids during the big and small moments.   At the Dinner Table Talking over dinner is one of the most consistent and universal ways for families to connect. Over half of the country’s families regularly eat dinner together without the TV on, sharing about their days and talking about current events[…]

How to Overcome Empty Nest Syndrome

Filling the psychological void when your last child leaves home   Every August, high school graduates leave for college and start a new and exciting chapter in their lives. But they are not the only ones facing a new beginning. Parents left with an empty nest must also start a new chapter in their lives.[…]

Empty Nest: Who is Needier – Parent or Child?

Empty Nest: Start independence early.   September marks the true test of a child’s march toward independence and a parent’s ability to let go. As freshmen settle into dorm rooms and college life, parents feel sad, nervous, and protective simultaneously. Well, some parents…and surprisingly, men can be more affected by a child’s departure than women.[…]