Fitness Tips for Every Woman Over 50

For the majority of Americans today, achieving or simply maintaining a decent level of fitness is a challenge, but for women turning 50, getting in shape can feel even more challenging. Today there are more weight loss programs, exercise equipment, and fitness routines to choose from than ever before, yet statistics remind us just how out of[…]

10 Ways to Exercise If You Hate to Work Out

Virtual Reality Fitness VR headsets turn gaming into exercise. Some experts call this “exergaming.” Box, dance, or sweat through high-intensity interval-training (HIIT). Get your heart rate up with cycling or sword-fighting. You just might stick with exercise longer if you do it virtually. Studies show people who aren’t big on traditional workouts tend to think[…]

Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Exercise

We all have obstacles to exercising, whether it is a lack of motivation, a busy schedule, or adopting a harmful “all or nothing” mentality. Working out looks different for everyone and we all have different ways of honoring our commitment to fitness. These habits can interfere with your workouts, but there are ways to overcome[…]

Yoga Poses That Improve Core Strength

This sequence is made up of poses that will improve your core strength. While doing yoga is not the best way to get a six-pack, you can expect to significantly strengthen your abdominal muscles.   Strengthening your core can also help relieve back pain and improve your posture (nothing makes your belly look bigger than slouching!). Many of[…]