Fun Fact Friday | What Makes Petunias Red Also Makes Lemons Sour

Ronald Koes could never have guessed that his quest to understand what makes some petunias red—and others blue—would lead him to lemon groves in California. But as a result, this University of Amsterdam geneticist has now answered the long-standing question of why some lemons taste sweet and others, sour. The secret: a powerful molecular pump[…]

Fun Fact Friday | Zebra stripes confuse biting flies

Zebra stripes confuse biting flies, causing them to abort their landings   Scientists have proposed more than a dozen ideas to explain why zebras evolved stripes. Some say the bold patterns confuse their predators, or that they keep the animals cool. But all of these ideas have been disproved or lack strong evidence.   In 2014, researchers[…]

Fun Fact Friday | What’s the Difference Between Jelly, Jam, Marmalade, Preserves, and Fruit Spread?

Regardless of what the label says, they all tend to look and taste the same. So why the five distinct categorizations?   Everybody has that moment when they realize they don’t know about something that they should probably know about. Whether it’s history, language, science, or cultural phenomena, you’ve felt the stinging personal embarrassment of[…]