Fun Summer Activities for Teens

Although most teens look forward to summer break, many of them grow bored by the second week of vacation. And sadly, many bored teens spend their summer vacations staring at their electronics.  Or worse yet, boredom can lead to poor choices like experimenting with substances or taking risks with friends.  At the very least, a boring summer could[…]

Things To Do When You Are Bored Out Of Your Mind

Things to do offline. Remember your brain … before the internet?   Become obsessed with a paint-by-numbers masterpiece.  They’re usually only $10-$15 per kit, providing hours, nay, DAYS of obsessive entertainment.   Paint all your cheap-o jewelry with clear nail polish.  It’ll keep your faux gold and silver patinas from wearing off too soon.   Send your long-distance friends surprise postcards.  Snail[…]

Maintain a Sense of Humor to Cope

We can prepare ourselves for stress with coping techniques, we can eliminate stressors from our lives whenever possible, and we can surround ourselves with social support–we absolutely should do these things, in fact, as they can help us to build resilience to stress and improve our physical and emotional health in the long run. But[…]

Having Fun Provides Some of the Best Stress Relief

Find Your Best Stress Relief In Activities You Enjoy   Many people have stressful responsibilities that they must take care of, to the point that having fun feels like an unnecessary luxury. However, including fun activities in life may be one of the best stress relief tips you can follow. While many responsible adults have adult-sized responsibilities[…]

Laughter As A Coping Mechanism

Need A Laugh? Let ‘Someday’ Be Today!   Many people find themselves feeling embarrassed when they look back on mistakes they’ve made, even in childhood. Although social missteps and well-intentioned mistakes are common and virtually unavoidable over the course of one’s lifetime, many of us beat ourselves up over the embarrassing things we’ve done in[…]