Gratitude Exercises for the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving presents us with a great opportunity to increase our feelings of gratitude for everything in our lives. This is wonderful for our stress levels as well as our relationships, our life satisfaction, and our overall health. The focus on gratitude that surrounds Thanksgiving is particularly good for us because it reminds us of how[…]

Five Ways to Help Teens Think Beyond Themselves

Part of finding your purpose is connecting and contributing to something larger than yourself.   Teens can seem self-centered sometimes, can’t they?   Of course they can; they’re still supposed to be developing the capacity to see beyond themselves. They can also seem to lack a strong sense of purpose—and that’s not surprising either, because[…]

Five Ways to Raise a Grateful Child

Gratitude is more than behavior—it is also an internal experience, one that we can help children cultivate.   Would you like to raise a thankful child?   If so, you’re not alone. Parents’ desires to raise children who are happy, healthy, and, yes, grateful are documented in countless website postings, TED talks, and parenting guides.[…]