When Stress Is Actually Good for You

Many people believe that all stress is bad, but you may have heard that there’s “good stress” and “bad stress.” Do you know what people mean by that? We rarely hear people say, “I’m really feeling stressed—isn’t that great?” But if we didn’t have some stress in our lives—the ‘good stress’ variety—we’d feel rudderless and unhappy. If[…]

Ancient Secrets for Creating a Happy Life

Modern-day research supports much of what ancient philosophers already knew about happiness. Here’s what you should know about the link between good character and happiness.   When we talk about happiness in modern life, we are often referring to the feeling we get after the first lick of a delicious ice cream cone or when spending an afternoon[…]

The Keys to Happiness When You’re an Introvert

Take a moment and imagine the happiest person you know. Got him or her in mind? Now think about how you would describe that person’s personality.   Did adjectives like outgoing, energetic, or bubbly come to mind? It’s very likely that one of the personality traits you described is related to extroversion, or the tendency to draw[…]

How to Bring Your Whole Self to Work

When we stop hiding our true selves and become vulnerable, our work environment is more enjoyable—and productive—for all.   Have you ever wanted to speak up about an issue or situation at work, but were afraid to? Or wanted to share something about yourself, but worried people might judge you? Or pretended to understand something[…]

Increase Your Positivity Ratio

For decades, we’ve known that “positive thinking” can combat stress and negativity by helping us focus on what is working, by helping us to maintain a less dire view of what we are facing, and by enabling us to put things in perspective, among other things. Researchers and psychologists have broadened our understanding of how positive thinking can[…]

To Counter Loneliness, Find Ways to Connect

Much of modern life, though seeming to promote connectivity, has had the opposite effect of fostering social isolation and loneliness, experts say.   A four-minute film produced for the UnLonely Film Festival and Conference last month featured a young woman who, as a college freshman, felt painfully alone. She desperately missed her familiar haunts and high school[…]

Social Interaction Is Critical for Mental and Physical Health

Hurray for the HotBlack Coffee cafe in Toronto for declining to offer Wi-Fi to its customers. There are other such cafes, to be sure, including seven of the eight New York City locations of Café Grumpy.   But it’s HotBlack’s reason for the electronic blackout that is cause for hosannas. As its president, Jimson Bienenstock, explained, his aim[…]