Why Exercise?

Why exercise? Exercise is powerful medicine. Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise prevents health problems, builds strength, boosts energy, and can help you reduce stress. It can also help you maintain a healthy body weight and curb your appetite.   Path to improved health Adding exercise to your routine can positively[…]

Does Being Obese or Overweight Affect Your Mental Health?

Obesity is a common and serious condition that affects around 42% of adults in the United States. Obesity can increase your risk of physical health conditions, such as:   Type 2 diabetes Heart attack Stroke Certain cancers It can also put you at greater risk of severe complications if you develop COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.[…]

Healthiest Salty Snacks

Nuts Walnuts. Pecans. Almonds. Whatever kind you prefer, a small handful makes a great snack. They’re full of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. They also have minerals like magnesium. Skip the kinds that are dry-roasted or flavored — they’re higher in sodium.  Instead, add your own dash of flavor with cayenne pepper or cinnamon. Edamame These[…]