Yard Safety Checklist: Backyard Hazards for Kids and Pets

The sun is shining and your backyard is officially open for the season. Before you and your family head outside, follow this outdoor safety checklist to make sure there aren’t any dangers lurking in your yard.   Double Check What’s in Your Garden Planning for a spring vegetable garden? Keep Fido out. Onions, tomatoes, chives[…]

The Importance of Work-Life Balance and Overcoming Work Addiction

Although not a formally recognized addiction, workaholics struggle with balance   Work-life balance is something we aspire to but rarely achieve. This is particularly the case for people who work too much, including workaholics, or people who are addicted to work. Workaholism or work addiction was first used to describe an uncontrollable need to work constantly.[…]

Tips to Clear Your Clutter for a Relaxing Home

Get Rid of Clutter to Promote a Relaxing Home Relaxing at home is easier if you have a relaxing home to enjoy! Sadly, many of us feel more stressed in our homes because they’re not decorated in a relaxing way. Elements that impact stress levels—clutter, smells, sounds and color, for example—can be altered, and probably[…]

How to Not Get Overwhelmed by the Little Chores of Life

A new book explores how to manage our endless cycle of administrative tasks and enjoy our lives more.   Recently, a friend of mine called with a spontaneous invitation to a holiday tea. It sounded fun, but…I hesitated to say yes. Shouldn’t I be filling out that school form or returning phone calls or calling[…]

When College Kids Come Home

… an empty nest starts looking pretty good   You forget about the noise, the constant thud of sneakered feet, the slamming of doors for no reason at all, simply as a statement of late adolescence. Also, the clutter. Alps of clutter. You forget about the dishes, the relentless congestion in the sink, because why commit[…]

Pantry Staples You Should Never Run Out Of

Set yourself up for success by stocking up on these ingredients to make delicious, diabetes-friendly meals at home.   Heart-Healthy Canned Tuna No pantry is complete without a few cans or pouches of water-packed tuna.  Tuna can help add healthy omega-3 fats and protein to a variety of dishes, including salads, casseroles, omelets, enchiladas, or[…]