Generosity May Help Us Live Longer

Generosity in the form of intergenerational wealth transfers has a direct correlation on mortality rates, a new 2020 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America reveals.   Spanning six continents, the study incorporates a wide range of populations (including children, adults, and elderly) from 34[…]

Five Ways to Raise a Grateful Child

Gratitude is more than behavior—it is also an internal experience, one that we can help children cultivate.   Would you like to raise a thankful child?   If so, you’re not alone. Parents’ desires to raise children who are happy, healthy, and, yes, grateful are documented in countless website postings, TED talks, and parenting guides.[…]

Eight Habits of Considerate People

Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said, “Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax.” It’s true. Being kind and considerate softens people and makes them malleable to your way of thinking.   But I see another meaning there, too. I think he’s also saying that being considerate of others is an integral part of[…]

Netiquette | Know Your Manners When Using Technology

Now that we’ve entered the digital age (with all the stresses of social media), there are new ways to strengthen relationships—and offend people. There are several rules of internet etiquette that many of us see people breaking all the time—to the detriment of their relationships.   Ten Basic Rules of Netiquette or Internet Etiquette   The[…]

How to Give a Genuine Compliment

3 Ways to Make Your Compliments Really Count   Doing kind, altruistic deeds is one clear strategy to boost our own happiness. Volunteering in your community, making a donation to a charity to help war-ravaged refugees, and lending a hand or an ear to a family member who needs it all come to mind.  […]

A Simple Way to Foster Kindness in Kids

According to a new study, we can encourage kids to be generous by reminding them of their past kindnesses.   Ebenezer Scrooge finally shook in his slippers when the Ghost of Christmas Future showed him that his past bad deeds led to a bleak future, for him and others. As parents, how do we ensure[…]