The Benefits of Laughter

Celebrate Humor Month. You’ve heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine.” While utilized as a common phrase, there are actually many health benefits from improved mental wellbeing to increased productivity and stress relief. Encourage your employees to try these tips and tricks this month to celebrate National Humor Month.   Science of Laughter. So let’s[…]

7 Ways to Experience More Joy

1. Imagine happiness. Any activity, when performed repetitively, changes the structure of the brain. But even repeatedly imagining an activity has an effect on neural structure. Researchers at Harvard Medical School demonstrated this with an experiment in which they asked one group to play a five-finger exercise on the piano over the course of a week. A comparison group was[…]

Laughter May Be Effective Medicine for These Trying Times

Doctors, nurses and therapists have a prescription for helping all of us to get through these difficult times: Try a little laughter.   Some enlightened doctors, nurses and therapists have a prescription for helping all of us to get through this seemingly never-ending pandemic: Try a little laughter.   Humor is not just a distraction[…]

The Truth About Freudian Slips

When you accidentally use the wrong word in a conversation, does it actually reveal something about your unconscious mind? Here’s what you should know about Freudian slips (as well as some famous slip-ups that have made headlines).   A Freudian slip is a verbal or memory mistake that is believed to be linked to the unconscious[…]

The Effects of Storytelling on Well-Being

The art of storytelling has long been a respected skill and important tradition in many cultures. Over the course of history, community elders and their stories have been regarded as a treasure trove of the society’s knowledge, history, and wisdom. Older members of a community were encouraged to share their stories with younger generations, keeping[…]

To Counter Loneliness, Find Ways to Connect

Much of modern life, though seeming to promote connectivity, has had the opposite effect of fostering social isolation and loneliness, experts say.   A four-minute film produced for the UnLonely Film Festival and Conference last month featured a young woman who, as a college freshman, felt painfully alone. She desperately missed her familiar haunts and high school[…]