How to Cook During Quarantine

What to Make During COVID-19:  Recipes and tips to transform simple foods   The COVID-19 outbreak has led many people to stock up on pantry staples, freezer-friendly foods, and shelf-stable vegetables. Plenty of individuals are having to cook for the first time or using new ingredients and are likely feeling overwhelmed, while also searching for[…]

4 Things to Put on Your Sandwich; and 3 Things to Leave off

Condiments and Bread Choices Increase Calories in a Sandwich   Sandwiches can be nutritious, and they’re especially great when you don’t have a lot of time to prepare a meal. The problem? Sneaky add-ons! Here’s help choosing the best ingredients for your next sandwich.   Do you pack yourself a sandwich for lunch every day? Bringing[…]

One-dish Wonder: Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole

This broccoli-studded comfort food covers every nutritional base by combining lean protein, whole grains, cheese, and a vegetable—a no-fail approach to eating well. For more veggie power, serve a simple green salad on the side.   It’s important to consume a variety of food from all of the food groups to stay healthy and get all of[…]