Unexpected Health Benefits of Gardening

Each autumn, the culinary benefits of gardening overflow into our kitchens. Our pantry shelves fill with the many-colored fruits of the harvest: glowing jars of tomatoes and beans, golden braids of onions and garlic, winter squashes in rich greens, oranges and tans…and tucked away from light and moisture, bins of sustaining potatoes, beets, carrots and[…]

When and How to Take a Mental Health Day

Sometimes taking a mental health day—a day off that’s specifically geared toward stress relief and burnout prevention—is the best thing you can do for yourself. While one day might not solve heavy underlying problems that lead to burnout, a mental health day can provide a much-needed break to pause, regroup, and come back with greater levels of[…]

What It Means to Be Mentally Healthy

Mental health doesn’t solely refer to mental illnesses. Here’s what good mental health actually means.   The Characteristics of Mental Health   It has always been easier to define mental illnesses than to define mental health. In the United States, the American Psychiatric Association has traditionally been the organization to define mental disorders (beginning as early[…]

Managing Panic Disorder in Public

Anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, are characterized by extreme fear and nervousness. The symptoms of panic disorder are often difficult to manage, and dealing with panic attacks and agoraphobia is even more challenging when you’re in public. Your anxiety about it may never go away, but you can learn to more effectively manage your symptoms in a way that[…]

Maintaining Mental Health at Work

Your Mental Health Needs Care, too! Mental health includes psychological, social and emotional well-being. It affects how you feel, act and think and helps determine how you handle stress. Recognizing your limits can make you happier and more productive, so try the tips below to help you find a healthy work-life balance.   Go home[…]

This 2-Minute Exercise Helps Me Reduce My Anxiety

… and therapists recommend it   Anxiety can pack a punch. I would know: I’m one of an estimated 40 million Americans who deals with it.   Unlike the stress of everyday life, anxiety has a way of sneaking up on you. It can happen anywhere — being delayed in a hot, loud subway car or walking home after[…]

Worrying too much?

Doctors explain when anxiety becomes a problem   It can be complicated to understand what’s “good” anxiety and what is the sign of a disorder.   Throughout her life, Johanna Murphy experienced a persistent feeling that she did everything wrong. A low-level of panic often seemed present, but she simply thought this was how adults felt.  […]

Got a Problem? It’s Probably Not What You Think

Problems are psychological moving targets. The key is to discover their meaning.   ___________________________________________________________________________________________  You walk out to your car and find that your front tire is flat.   You’re upset — right? Maybe. Suppose you were heading to a meeting that you were dreading — now you have the perfect excuse (complete with photos).  Thank you, car! ___________________________________________________________________________________________ You find[…]

Signs Your Teen Is Stressed Out

These Behavioral Changes Can Be Red Flags   Although teens don’t have to worry about bills, a career, or holding down a household, they experience different sources of stress. They deal with issues like bullying, peer pressure, and academic issues which can be very stressful.   Without appropriate support, stressed out teens may be at[…]