Foods for a Faster Metabolism

Love green tea? Then you’re already working to make your metabolism faster. Here are four more foods that can help give it a boost.   Spicy Food If you’re one of those people who pours hot sauce on everything, you may unknowingly be helping your body burn fat. Research has shown that eating spicy foods can increase[…]

Workouts That Help You Burn 100 Calories in Just 10 Minutes

Too busy to exercise? It’s easy to feel that way, particularly if you’re trying to follow the exercise guidelines, which suggest an hour a day most days of the week. However, experts have found that short workouts, two or three 10 minute workouts a day, for example, can be just as effective as longer workouts.[…]

Easy Ways to Kick Your Sluggish Metabolism Up a Notch

Eat more protein, lift more weight, and other expert-backed ways to reset the bar for how many calories you burn every day.   When your metabolism is running like a well-oiled machine, your body is working for you. Not only can it make maintaining (or losing) weight a little easier, but maximizing your system’s calorie-burning engine will also help[…]

Things That Slow Your Metabolism

Your genes, hormones, sleep habits, and more all play a role. We explain what you can do about them.   Your Genes Metabolism is how your body changes food into energy. If your body is slow at burning calories while you rest or sleep, you probably got that from your parents, through your genes.  […]