How a Digital Detox Could Improve Your Child’s Behavior Problems

You can’t avoid screens in today’s world. There are TVs in waiting rooms, tablets in schools, and smartphones in most people’s pockets. As technology continues to emerge, and screens have become integrated into everyday life, some families have had trouble deciding how much time to allow kids to play on their electronics.   Even the[…]

3 Mind Tricks That Keep You Addicted to Your Phone

Social media channels, app companies—they don’t want you to stop scrolling, so they’ve enlisted the top mind hacks from psychology to keep you craving for more. Here are three ways your mind is being tapped to linger longer and five tips for getting unhooked.   The average person spends a combined total of one entire[…]

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

ID theft is real … these eight steps can secure your identity for less.   1. Get serious, not scared Don’t let the horror stories freak you out. The worst-case scenario—where someone opens new credit-card accounts or commits other crimes using your name, Social Security number, or other information—is relatively uncommon. That nightmare happened to less[…]

Can You Spot a Spoofed Email Address?

Making emails look as if they came from a trusted colleague or friend is a critical tool used by attackers.   It’s easy enough to fake what appears in the “from” or “reply- to” line of an email message. That’s the bad news. The good news? If you dig a little deeper, you can usually[…]

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Mobile Device Secure

As mobile devices increase in popularity, cybercriminals are continuously looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities in apps, operating systems, and so ware. It does not matter which type of phone you have. Not taking care of your phone could lead to the theft of credit card credentials, e-mail passwords, and contact lists. The following are[…]